Transport from Serbia to Germany and the Netherlands
'From address to address'

Travel with us because we offer pleasure, comfort and above all safety!
Travelling with our van with 8 seats between Serbia and Germany will have a pleasant and safe.

Free wi-fi internet inside!

From every town in Serbia you will be taken to the address in Germany and the Netherlands!
Extensive scale experience and knowledge of the roads and towns in Germany and the Netherlands enables us to provide you with quick, quality and professional transport a 'door to door'.
You will avoid such stops, waiting for other transportation and save time and money.

On the way from Serbia are possible casual standing at desired destinations.
The most common destinations in Germany are Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Cologne (Köln), Munich (Munich) and in the Netherlands Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, but we also drive to all the other cities.

The most common day transporting groups of passengers from Serbia to Germany and the Netherlands are:

Departures from Serbia to Germany and the Netherlands were the days:

Each agreement is possible.
. It is desirable to reserve dates for departure at least 1 day in advance.

It is possible to transport packets from Serbia - Germany / Holland ie. Netherlands / Germany - Serbia and by arrangement is possible and transport group tours or taxi transport (one or more passengers) between Serbia and Germany / The Netherlands or back. For further information please contact us!